POS Restaurant System

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Automation is the new-age magic potion for businesses that want to run repetitive tasks on autopilot. POS restaurant systems, aka Point of Sale, is also a form of automation that handles various tasks involved in processing a sale transaction.

The Role of
POS Systems in Restaurants in Melbourne

Point-of-Sale systems have a special place in modern restaurants. These systems have evolved from simple cash registers to advanced technology solutions that provide a wide range of features and benefits for restaurant owners, managers, and staff.


POS restaurant systems are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. They include a combination of hardware and software components that work together to manage sales transactions, process payments, and provide valuable data for business owners and managers. 

Overall, POS systems help restaurants by improving efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. They automate tasks, provide real-time data, and enhance the customer experience.

As a restaurant owner, your primary concern could be tracking the inventory, and implementing Point of Sale in Australia is your key to this complex process. It lets you track your menu items, ingredients, or anything else you store in your kitchen.

An efficient POS restaurant system is a great help in managing your reservations during peak business hours. The system creates a map of your restaurant and accepts reservations via an online portal.

For most restaurant owners, accounting is a huge concern. One mistake can lead to costly repercussions. But with a POS restaurant system, its weight will be off your shoulders. You can integrate it with other accounting software and ensure proper records.

Cash and card payments are old-school now. Now there is a growing trend among consumers to use contactless EMV payments, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. If your restaurant wants to offer various options such as these, installing a POS restaurant system is your best bet.

Nowadays, restaurant POS systems in Australia offer digital management of staff timesheets, which includes setting up a clock-in and clock-out function to track hours for payment. This integrated system provides a convenient way to manage staff and their working hours.

Breakthrough With Zebrands

POS Restaurant System

Automation experts at Zebrands devise a business plan for your restaurant POS system in Melbourne in no more than five steps. Each step takes you closer to your desired goal and efficiency. In a nutshell, here’s what each of those steps comprises.

Training Staff

Human support is also necessary for running your restaurant on autopilot. For this, your staff requires a certain level of training and knowledge. Hence we give much importance to training your staff members on how to use the POS restaurant system effectively. It includes how to enter orders, process payments, and manage inventory.

POS Strategy Session

This is your first interaction with the experts at Zebrands. Here, you convey your goals and expectations concisely with us so we understand you better. After knowing your business scenario, we brainstorm and choose the tasks to streamline with a POS restaurant system.

Streamlining the Workflow

In this step, we lay the groundwork for your restaurant POS system. For example, selecting a restaurant-specific POS software that meets the restaurant's needs for features, functionality, and ease of use.

Customize the System

Customisation is key in POS restaurant systems. Ergo, we configure the chosen POS software to match your restaurant's menu, pricing, and tax rates. It includes setting up user accounts with appropriate access levels and customising the system to match the restaurant's branding.

Ongoing Support

Growth should not be a one-time wonder. It must recur and prosper. Thus, our experts continue to stay by your side even after configuring the whole POS restaurant system. It is vital to test and improve on a frequent basis.

Upgrade Your POS Restaurant System with Zebrands

Business upgrades should be simple yet efficient, like our Point of Sale in Australia. When a system is easy to handle but brings better results, it makes your business and life ten times more efficient. 


Here’s what one of our clients, Josh Karikis, said about Zebrands’ service:

“We engaged Zebrands to automate our sales process. They implemented Hubspot and made it easy for us to manage our leads. As a result, it increased our sales. Now we are able to convert more leads. Highly recommended!”

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